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About Rachel Wilson

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Dr. Rachel M. Wilson is a profound teacher, a prolific preacher, and a dynamic speaker who has more than 25 years of experience in ministry. Audiences enjoy their learning experience with Rachel’s straight forward teaching, preaching and counseling. She uses her struggles and triumphs in life to be more personal and touchable to her audience. With her unique style, she uses transparency and realness to break through boundaries people are often trapped in regardless of age, creed, or ethnicity. Although Pastor Wilson’s vision is broad, she teaches with one primary principle; Kingdom Living. She pushes all to pursue life and discover their divine purpose. Rachel is constantly igniting the fire and strengthening the inner soul of all to fight through life’s obstacles and finish with expected victory. Rachel is driven by her passion to make a better people today, in hopes of making a better world for tomorrow.


Rachel co-labors along with her husband, Ronald, as Pastor of The Center in Greensboro, North Carolina and has been a faithful leading member for the past 25 years. She has faithfully supported The Center GSO with serving on the praise and worship team as well as ministering the Word of God. Pastor Wilson has also been blessed to launch Rachel Wilson Ministries, Inc.; a ministry committed to hosting various retreats, conferences, and seminars. 


 She teaches various classes on leadership, mentorship, education coaching, family planning, financial freedom and spiritual enhancement. Countless women have been restored and revived through her ministry. Workshops are hosted that focuses on empowering women of today to take back their rightful place in their homes, communities and workplaces.

In 2009, Rachel founded Girl Talk International Inc. (GTI), a non-profit organization established with an emphasis on educating young women on discovering their purpose and direction in life. GTI also provides educational guidance to help women choose the right career path and/or build successful businesses and entrepreneurship. Additionally, GTI has helped broken and battered women across the world regain self-esteem and pride through its workshops on Domestic Violence. Rachel’s work with this organization has been featured in Huami Magazine, TCT Network, as well as featured on WXII. GTI was favored to host a viewing party for BET’s Black Girls Rock Awards Show. Pastor Rachel’s newest organization “Flavors” catering to girls 13 years and younger, is a spin off from GTI. Flavors teach girls proper etiquettes and grooming, build and develop character, as well as impart biblical values and morals. Flavors focuses on building a stronger and brighter future for young girls around the world as they begin their journey through life with their heads held high. 


Rachel is also an International Recording Artist and is signed with DAF Records. Rachel has been featured on BET, TCT Alive, as well as a guest speaker and Psalmist on the TCT Network late night Emmy nominated show I’m Just Saying with Pastor Dan Willis. God recently opened the door for Pastor Rachel to record her new project “Love Song” and “I Can” with world renowned singer and songwriter Carnell Murrell and Michael Mindingall in Detroit Michigan.  


In August 2013, Rachel, along with her husband Ronald, received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida. In May 2014, Rachel also received certifications from IAP Career College as Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fashion & Image Consultant, and Etiquettes Consultant. Rachel and her husband Ronald have been blessed with four sons, Ronald, Gabriel, Pierre, and Tyrel Wilson and currently reside in Greensboro, N.C.

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